A perfect combination of brain and beauty – Jennifer Aniston!

Guys Jennifer has been crowned world’s most beautiful women for the 2nd time by People magazine. But she is much more than just being beautiful.

Mothers day movie

Here we are revealing some interesting facts about this beauty. We are disclosing how she earns and how incredibly she spent her money.

This celebrity nowadays worth about $ 150 million, but guys do you know how she has made such a huge amount of money?


I bet everyone of you heard, infact watched the famous TV series Friends. She played a role in a couple of tv serials but what boosted her career is her famous role Rachel Green in ‘‘Friends’’. This is the serial which has skyrocketed Jennifer’s fame ,career as well as her bank balance.In fact, her hairstyle is being followed by most of the young girls and has become the worldwide fashion. She played the role of Rachel Green for continuously 10 years. There were 10 seasons with each season having 10 episodes. In the final season, she was paid $ 1 million for each episode.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green role had made her win Emmy and Golden globe award for consecutively 2 years that is 2003 and 2004. This serial had increased her potential value.

While she was working hard for her role as Rachel Green in Friends, she was engaged in a number of side projects – she gave a number of box office hits. She gave a number of hit movies like – Bruce Almighty, Picture Perfect etc.

It is not just movies or tv serials, which has skyrocketed her fame but she signed a number of brands like loreal, and even have released her own perfume range.

Living proof Hair care


She is not just resting with acting skills she is also the co-owner of a company named Living proof. Living proof is a hair care company . Within 10 years this product is sold in 33 countries.


Infact she has now started directing movies also . Till now she has directed 2 short films. According to Forbes magazine she is the world’s fifth highest paid actress.


Infact, in 2016 she is about to come in three movies.